5/6 Explorers




One of the best ways to donate to our classroom is through DonorsChoose. It's a website that allows teachers to share concepts and ideas that will go to support your child. If you can't donate, simply sharing the link out with family goes a long way to get the word out! I would love to fund this great idea but it's only successful with your support! 

Here's are some more things that aren't on the supply list!

  • Flocabulary Subscription ($99)

  • Makey-Makeys ($50)

  • Raspberry Pis ($60)

  • 3D Printer Filament ($30)

  • Legos (Prices Vary)

  • Sphero SPRK ($110)

  • Fill our Library with Book Donations (Prices Vary)

    • Authors to Look for

      • J.K. Rowling

      • Lemony Snicket

      • Roald Dahl

      • Stewart Gibbs

    • Caldecott Winners

    • Books related to Space

    • Goosebumps

    • Graphic Novels

    • Newberry Winners

  • Bean Bags (Prices Vary)